Build House Naturally – Use of Natural Materials

Vastu Construction material

Vastu Construction material

The material which we surround ourselves affect us on a physical as well as psychological level through their energy. Like everything else, material has elemental qualities which affect the strength of the part of the home. (build house)
Many substances present in the products we select can cause life-threatening illness over time, and many are responsible for allergies.

Following are the basic guidelines about the use of Vastu construction material:-

Use only a new bricks, wood, and materials when building a new house.

Man-made materials like simulated marble, plastic and asbestos are not acceptable building materials. The reason being that inorganic substances are not adequate conductors of cosmic energies.
Avoid using materials from an old building should to build a new one. Otherwise, those old materials may repeat adverseincidents that occurred in the old house. Use of old things in new construction may result into loss of wealth.

Use only good quality of soil & cement in the construction. To live in the healthy home, you need to build your house with the natural and non-toxic material.
Avoid using a wood from thorny trees, as it will have an adverse effect.

Avoid using materials that have been stored for a long time or so many years.
Iron grills should only be used when needed.
Wood is more magnetically vibrant with the earth energy and makes for a more energetically vibrant building.

Use of cane material in the furniture and objects brings natural flow of energy.

In nutshell, bring natural element  in your home by using rocks and crystals (earth element) bells and sound instruments (wind element), tranquil water features (water element) , Bamboo (fire element) and sky designs (sky element).

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