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Vastu Vidya

Vastu shastra is also known as a Vastu vidya, a knowledge about the vastu principles.
Vastu shastra is based on the various natural energies, which are available abundant in atmosphere around us like:
Solar Energy from Sun.
Lunar Energy from Moon
Earth Energy
Spce energy Sky Energy
Electric Energy
Magnetic Energy
Thermal Energy
Wind Energy
Light Energy
Cosmic Energy

Basic Vastu

Five Elements
Directions and Vastu
Compass reading
Scientific Vastu
Vastu Purush
Selection of Site
Testing of Land energies
Size and Shape of Plot
Extention or missing corner in the plot
Surrounding of the plot Location of Main Gate, Entrance and Windows
Location of Kitchen, Bed Rooms, Prayer Room, Wash rooms, Guest Room, Dining
Location of Staircase and Lifts
Location of Water bodies
Plantation around the property
Buidling Elevation
Road and its effects
Slope of the premises

Advance Vastu

Preparing a Vastu Plan
Understanding the energies of the premises
Geopathic Stress
Functions of the each zone
Using power symbols for vastu correction
Using metals for vastu correction
Gem installation
Vastu manipulations
Correcting a defective site

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