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Vastu Shastra Tips for West facing House

Like a south-facing, Vastu of west facing house/plot also needs careful planning. Proper planning of west-facing properties involves understanding the location of the main door, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, and its shape. We have seen not a few, but a large number of homes having west or south door were fortunate in creating a prosperous and peaceful life. Hence locating the main door at an auspicious block in any direction is important for the house to become an auspicious successful house.

Vastu suggestions or Vastu Shastra Tips for West facing House

  • Avoid plot with T junction on any side of the project. T junction property falls in "Major Vastu Defect Category".
  • Correct existing property with T junction at west by the Vastu remedies by using Vastu partitions, Vastu strips, and brass strips.
  • Avoid plot with Veedhi shoola (road ending) at the south-west side of the plot. Street focus can be dangerous for health in this zone.
  • Do not provide any slope towards the west as this will create disputes with partners. It may also result in a robbery in the house having a slope at the west.
  • Create a slope towards the  northeast zone of the plot  to enhance the energy of the opposite direction
  • Improve the site energy by making a borewell or underground tank towards the northeast zone. Excellent quality of life is guaranteed in a house having a strong water body in the northeast zone (subject to all other placements also as per Vastu).
  • Energize the plot by installing Vastu gems under the pyramids of different metals. It should be placed according to the directions.
  • Avoid any projection in the plot (Except Northeast to the extent of 10%)
  • The height and width of the compound wall of such properties should be based on the size of the constructed area or plot.
  • Avoid obstacles like a tree, pole, pillar, etc. in front of the main gate.

Vastu suggestions or Vastu Shastra Tips for West facing House

  • Get protected for west facing house by installing