Vastu is an cosmic ancient science which is based on five elements of nature and different directions, ie East, West, North, South.

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vastu-zoneVastu Shastra ( or Vasthu or Vaastu )is one of the most ancient sciences of Indian architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations, and directions, set down by sages of the Vedic times. For the modern society, it is the highly evolved, comprehensive building philosophy.
According to vastu, a building or premises is a living organism and can be designed in harmonic resonance with the underlying energy structure of the universe. Such a building or premises becomes a generator of coherence, attuning the occupants to the universal laws and increasing health, wealth and spiritual well being.

Ancient scholars are the equivalent of today’s scientists. They saw the world as a unique in which “life-force energy” was the main component. Vastu essentially deals with two energy sources the solar energy flux and geomagnetic energy flux. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes, but we can realize and see its application in different forms. The aim is to control the flow of these energies by selecting proper direction and alignment and by understanding the directional energy flow one can easily relate north & south to organic geomagnetic flow & East & west are related to solar pranic flow.  Vasthu uses these forces of natural energies and aims to restore the balance between the home (the microcosm) and the cosmos (the macrocosm). If there were an imbalance between the directions or the energy flow, the resultant energy would be negative energy, which would then result in environmental aggression, creating disharmony among humans residing at that particular space.

More recently, studies conducted on geo-pathological stress have shown evidence of the relationship between peoples well being and the natural energies. While negative energy can adversely affect the nervous system, the genetic code and the immune system, positive energy can sustain our well being, enhance our ability to counteract stressful situations and increase our potential to succeed.

Five Elements:-

According to Vastu, (or Vaastu or Vasthu) there are five essential elements in the whole world. They are the Earth, Water, Air, Fire(Heat & Light) and Sky(Cosmic). Vastu is a science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for harmony.
Vasthu stands in Earth. Earth depends on water-water is balanced by Agni (Fire), Agni is controlled by air (either). Air movements is possible in Akasha(sky). Similarly the Purusha – living beings. The body (earth) depends on the water. Contents in the body balanced by the Agni (fire). The air controls Agni-heat. Breathing which is possible only if we are having space(Akash) inside the human body.

Vastu for All

A series of environmental hazards envelop us in our day to day life which leads us to irresistible, endless physical and mental disorders. Harmony with the environment, peace for the spirit and health for the human being are the criteria for healthy homes. These have deep roots in the human experience and traditions of a home building according to the cultures across the world.

It is rational

The Vastu Shastra is based on the influence of the sun and the earth magnetic fields on the living beings on earth. The sun is the life-giving and life-sustaining force. Sun, the electrical energy, which pervades the living universe, is derived from the sun that the dead material of the Universe becomes endowed with sufficient energy to form living matter. Vastu reads the characteristics of a house and explains its effects on the residents in a scientific manner, we can surely count it among the other sciences.

It is permanent

The theory of Vastu is permanent and not bound by any time barrier. The earth has been revolving around the sun, in a geostationary orbit for over billions of years due to the magnetic effect caused by its rotation. Due to the magnetic properties of earth, the magnetic needle of a compass always tends towards north. Being based on the permanent magnetic property of the earth, with an inclination towards the north, the effect of vastu principles also becomes permanent. The principles of vastu is based on directions which are permanent. Likewise, the effects of vastu are also permanent.

It is beneficial

Vastu endows peace and prosperity to all humankind. A house, big or small, built as per Vastu makes the life pleasant and prosperous. Properly applied, vastu can help balance the energy flow in our environment, which in turn can enable us to take advantage of energetic, healthy and harmonious houses. The Objective of vastu is to turn a house into a dream house, or an office into the most productive workspace, by maximizing the health and happiness of the inhabitants inside.
It is believable, because of its universal efficacy. Now Vastu has become increasingly popular all over the world, especially among the New Age community.

It is universal

Since vastu is based on the properties of the earth and the sun, it is surely universal. Nationality, religion, caste etc. have nothing to do with the science of vastu, it is equal for one and all. The universal principles upon which Vastu is based makes it applicable and adaptable to all people, wherever they are. Many of our clients at USA, UK, UAE, Gemany, Spain, Thailand, China, Eupore etc.  staying in Vastu approved & rectified home have seen dramatic improvement in their professional and personal life.

It is practicable

Practice of Vastu shastra is based on postioning the internal rooms, building, plot and the universe. Vastu goes beyond the architecture. It is very simple and easy to follow. Build a house according to the guidelines provided by vastu and lead a healthy and happy life. Since it possesses all the features mentioned above and is based on action, cause and effect it can most definitely be concluded that it is a true holistic science.

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